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Our website is a place where men and Russian women meet. Would you like to find your love and to date ladies from the biggest country in the world? We have no doubts you have already heard a lot about the beauty of Russian women. If you have ever been to Russia then you know it for sure.

Nowadays Russian women are not anymore kind of exotica – Internet removed all barriers between people and countries. However, Russians are still incredibly popular among foreign men. They are loved and admired by guys from the USA, Canada, Western Europe and actually from entire world! Local women feel angry and jealous as it’s all that is left to do.

So what can help you charm a Russian woman and what you are better to avoid? Let’s talk about the most important things ladies from Russia like and hate. We are sure that our recommendations will help you get closer to a women or to the women you want.

What they like

A real man should be kind and careful, but it is not equal to being chubby. Please keep that in mind. Russia is a severe place to live and only those who have that inner power and determination can win the race. In other words you need to be a tough guy at work or anywhere else except home where you are expected to be kind and generous with your family.

Russian women adore all kinds of attention. A compliment, a new bracelet, some flowers (don’t bring one rose if you don’t want a Russian lady to consider you greedy) – the more you tell your girl how beautiful she is and buy small gifts for her the better she feels! Don’t worry, it’s not about money – attention is important. Russians just need to know that they are attractive. They need men to confirm it every day – it’s impossible to go overboard here.

Sincerity is another quality a Russian woman would like to see in her man. Foreigners who are happily married to Russians often note that it’s better to be honest with these girls – they don’t stand lies and they easily catch you when you try to lie. But they highly appreciate when their significant others are honest and faithful. A Russian woman will make such a man the happiest guy in the world.Russian women meet

What they don’t like

Russian women are quite possessive. They are not going to turn a blind eye to your flirtation with other girls. And as we have already told above – don’t try to conceal such things! You lies will be quickly discovered and you will find yourself nailed to the counter. Unfaithfulness and inability to feel satisfied staying with one woman is something none of Russian lady would put up with. They want to feel like a princess, they want to be unique, they want to be one and only for you! So be careful and think twice before saying a compliment to your new female colleague if you really love your Russian girlfriend.

Immaturity is inacceptable too. A mama’s baby who cannot take the responsibility is not interesting for Russians. Such a guy can be handsome and fit but his behavior clearly points that he is an indecisive person who doesn’t want to deal with the consequences of his own acts. Sex dating is possible with such a man, but no Russian woman would be stupid enough to create a family with someone like this.

Finally, Russian women don’t like lazy Westerners who think they are better just because they come from a wealthier country. Don’t even try to act like this! You’ll lose all the chances!

All Russian women you see on our website speak good English. They are ready for moving abroad and it wouldn’t be a problem for them to visit you in your country.

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