Psychology of jealousy

cardafi sexJealousy – one of the oldest emotions. There is a hypothesis that jealousy – it is an important and natural form of human evolution mechanism, which reduces the ratio of the potential threat. It is through jealousy appeared monogamous relationship such as dating singles from Cardiff. Jealousy is the companion of love. Psychologists believe that the whole chemistry of jealousy is low self-esteem, fears, complexes and self-doubt. The roots of these problems come from childhood.

When people become jealous, their jealousy shifts all responsibility to their partner and their complexes and fears begin to project on it. They become suspicious, irritable, suspicious and try to take control of the behavior of the partner. Such behavior cannot be called love. The causes of jealousy often refer to a desire to keep beloved one close to you. But that is not true. Most men are jealous because they see that their women stay online chat in Cardiff. Men and women have completely different “strategies” for this purpose, but in any case, the relationship becomes very heavy. Sometimes it happens that the couple cannot even talk quietly to each other. Any appeal or grievance can be another cause for jealousy.

Another cause of jealousy is the fear of loneliness. People in addition to the fear of losing their partner are afraid to be alone. Jealousy requires constant attention, and acknowledgment of the importance of love. Male jealousy often aims to subdue the woman. Even bright makeup and tardiness are food for jealousy. In women, there is a sense of jealousy, envy. Jealous people can be jealous of everything: new clothes of her girlfriend, a successful career of her husband, etc… For men – it is a manifestation of insecurity. Women just need to confirm that each of them is the best and she is the most beautiful. Online chat in Cardiff becomes a battlefield for women and their jealousy.

There is no cure for jealousy!  It’s like there is no exit from a certain hard situations. But there is only one way to get rid of the jealousy and that is death. That’s why we all live and are jealous of everyone and everything. Both partners are making a contribution to the atmosphere of the couple’s relationship. Overcoming misunderstanding is hard. Talk and discuss about all issues.

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Also, the problem can be solved with the help of family and a psychologist if you alone can’t handle all by yourself and if everything is so bad and serious. However, before going to a specialist, you must have a serious intention to get rid of it. It’s like getting sober.

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