How to determine if your girlfriend is dumping you?



You spent months calling, taking her out and she doesn’t give a damn? She rarely calls you, she is flirting with other men in front of you, and you’re still hoping that she will be with you. Get accustomed to the number of signals that she sends you and you stubbornly ignore them! If these things happen, you should stop messing with your feelings. Look for an answer with free adult personals Kansas. Here are some of them, so that next time you get out from such situation with cool head.

1. She says she is not ready for a serious relationship. The classic excuse, women often uses it when dating guys with whom they don’t see future with. You won’t hear the details because there are none. She is just not ready and everything. If you hear these words from her friend, then you should know that soon she will dump you! The chances that she will change her mind are very small. But don’t forget, women are tricky and that she can always look for an answer at free adult dating Kansas.

2. She never calls you and does not call you back. She avoids talking to you on the phone. Don’t be stupid, she just ignores you. In any case, it means that you are very interested in her, and she prefers to communicate with others. Remember the rule – if the girl does not call you back after first call, it makes sense to call her again. If she does not call back after your second call, that’s a bad sign.
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3. She avoids physical intimacy and tries not to look you in the eyes when she talks to you. If a girl likes a man, she will try to be closer and look him in the eyes – it’s important. If she avoids your gaze, most of all, she does not want to be with you, and is afraid to say so openly. Or maybe she just keeps you as a backup plan and that’s why she is so silent. Anyways try to find in her computer a trace for free adult singles Kansas. There could be your answer.

4. In a conversation with you, she often refers to other men. No, she does not want to make you feel jealous (unless it is – not your ex, but it is). Most likely you were classified as “not my type”, which means only one thing – she sees you as one of her friends, with whom you can just talk about everything. She did not even come to mind that you maybe have feelings for her.

5. She tries to introduce you to another woman. This is bad because if she is sick of your presence then she acts this way. Maybe she even found that girl at free adult singles Kansas.

6. She does not laugh at your jokes. Your jokes seem to her flat, unfunny and irritating it. Secondly, the laugh – a form of flirting, therefore you are friend to her, and your jokes are just words.

7. Her plans have nothing to do with you. Today she meets up with her friends. Tomorrow she is going in club without you. That’s clearly a sign for you to get lost?

8. She constantly cancels all dates with you. Of course, the reasons may be different, but if the dates are canceled more and more, it’s likely she thinks that you are not the man of her dreams. If you noticed at least two signs that we talked about earlier then make conclusions. Better not waste your precious time on it and move on. There are plenty of girls online that you can meet. Why bother with the one that has no plans for you?

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