3 Ways to Put the Sparkle in your Girlfriend’s Eyes

You are dating a lady for some time and it seems to you the sparkle lacks in your relationship or the fire is not burning the same way as it was from the very beginning of your relationship. You don’t want to lose your lady and you are ready to do everything to make her happy in your relationship. You need romance: without romance the relationship is coming to nowhere, to its end. So, you need to work to sustain romantic moments in your relationship. What you can do to check the sparkle is still there and what to do to keep it alive? Below you will find 3 tips to romance your girlfriends and see the sparks in her eyes.

Compliment your lady, but in a creative way!

For sure, you have been telling her how beautiful she is, however, in this statement it sounds rather banal and be sure your girl has heard this many times, especially if she is really attractive. It is not a secret that all women prefer to be beautiful, at least in her beloved’s eyes. What you have to do is to come up with telling your girl how beautiful she is, but in a very unique way. Use totally different words from what you have been using before, making it sounds different from common clichés used by every second man.

Share in her interests! If your girlfriend has a hobby or an interest you are not really fond of and she is aware of this fact, show you that you are ready to share it with her, though you don’t like it a lot. Show your lady you are back into her as you were during your first dates. Your girlfriend will deeply appreciate this, be sure.

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Lazy sex life kills all romance in the relationship. When you are inventive in bed, this shows you two are passionate about each other. Make sure you do little things just to please your beloved and ensure her satisfaction with the sexual part of life. You will never go wrong satisfying her needs in bed.

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