Where to meet gay guys and how not to spoil your experience?

how to find a boyfriend gay

Modern young people find themselves in a strange situation. They can easily gain a new knowledge about LGBT thanks to a limitless informational field we all live in. But without having any personal experience, young men don’t know where to meet gay guys in case they’re just curious to try or absolutely sure about their needs. Let’s see where their search usually leads and why they remain disappointed.

  1. There often another guy in their environment who is also curious or already sure about his preferences. They can discuss that and even get intimate but there is a little possibility that a neighbour or a schoolmate is one’s perfect match so the affair or friendship are quickly finished. The complications from the side of both families are highly possible.
  2. There is a gay club in every city and almost every little town. Many fellows think that is how to find a boyfriend gay. But the consequences of such a visit are always same: quick sex without any emotional colouring and lots of rumour after as one of a fellow’s daily life acquaintances suddenly appears to be there.
  3. Nowadays, it’s typical to organize friendly social communities for the LGBT youth that gather regularly in some cute cosy place, and it’s quite easy to Google the closest one. It’s a safer way to meet someone but folks come there mostly to find friendship and psychological support so our fellow remains alone.
  4. Of course, one of the first things to do is to Google gay dating platforms. Well, free adult gay chat is something that helps to kill the time with certain pleasure, but it isn’t the real thing.

free adult gay chat

There are many dating sites for gays but their disadvantages are just typical. Vulgar pornographic layouts and headlines, aggressive annoying ads, photos of professional male models instead of the real guys… all that is disgusting and hard to manage for a beginner. That’s why it’s better to follow these tips and find a decent dating site:

  • Its layout and overall design are elegant, slightly erotic and tastefully chosen.
  • The site is neither free nor expensive. It requires a fair and moderate membership fee.
  • There aren’t only male models among its members: the database mostly consists of average looking guys with detailed profiles.
  • There are safety tips, cautions and smart recommendations posted on the site. Not that everyone needs such a guidance, but it shows the quality.
  • Personality tests, compatibility tests and virtual quests that bring people closer, are also a sign of qualitative service.
  • Ice-breakers and intro letters shouldn’t be too much automated. Mass winks and stuff like that is very impersonal and leads to wrongly chosen contacts.
  • Profiles are usually verified and thoroughly checked on good quality sites, despite the necessity to remain anonymous for some of the users. Better to go for that. Anonymity is for married or engaged guys who don’t know what they want. Registering on gay dating sites openly isn’t exactly coming out, it’s rather a declaration of freedom. Honest people understand that.
  • Other members shouldn’t ask for money, especially in the first letter or after a short-time correspondence. If it happens more than once, it means it can be a scam site where the members and owners share the profit.
  • The site shouldn’t charge one’s bank card without a previous notification or allowance. It’s important to read the Terms and Conditions before joining.
  • It’s not normal when the majority of members offer escort services or behave too professionally in this or that way. Better to leave such a site.
  • It’s definitely the right place to meet gay guys if they are writing substantial messages, asking non-generated questions and suggesting to meet in real.

meet gay guys

Meeting in real via the gay dating site is a separate topic. One should consider many nuances in this regard. These nuances are going to influence all further communication and potential relationship. Here are the basic rules allowing not to turn the first impressions into the worst ones:

  1. Suggest the meeting place only if you enjoy taking the initiative, otherwise you won’t respect or desire your partner who you expect to generate ideas.
  2. Decide from the beginning whether you want a public place or a private place, or something in between.
  3. If you are afraid to dislike a person quickly, better to have a cup of coffee somewhere in a small cafe. You can leave at any moment.
  4. If you are sure you want immediate sex, take care of all the details like condoms, sexy underwear and a lube. The intimate haircut helps too.
  5. If you want a relationship, test your pretender. Analyze whether he keeps the eye contact, whether he is too concentrated on his phone or nervous about it, whether he has a wedding ring etc. Yes, some people forget to remove it or even leave it on a finger intentionally.
  6. Ask him whether he is proud to be attracted to men. Many people say they are just bisexual and “all is fine” about them. Only a few say confidently they are ok with dating a man openly. The last category is obviously more honest and serious.
  7. If there’s chemistry, let him know. You won’t forgive yourself any delays or insecurities after.

So it isn’t a secret anymore how to find a boyfriend gay and build a stable connection that may last for months and years.

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