What to Do When Your Girlfriend Says That She Needs to Think About Things

You’ve been dating the lady for some period of time and things were moving the way they should: you were making plans for future and you had no doubts she felt the same way about you and one day you have a conversation when she tells you that she needs to think over everything and you know what it means. Something goes wrong.

What you should do first when you hear this? Most likely you would like to tell your girlfriend that everything is ok and you are the one and only for her. You find all the arguments of convincing her in this. Well, to your surprise, this is not the best way out. Trying to convince your lady you are the only one for her, you will convince her in the opposite. She will think that if you are trying to convince her so hard, maybe you are just not right for her?

This is not what you expect, right? Since, you are not going to try to convince her you are Mr. Right for her; there are many things to be done, to show your girlfriend you are the one. Always keep in mind that the actions speak louder than words. When you are talking to convince your lady you were created for her, everything she hears are your words and women need actions. Showing her she is special by deeds will make her think you were the best choice she ever made.

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What to do and how to show your girlfriend she should be with you and not look for a man elsewhere? First and foremost, don’t lose your composure. If she just has cold feet about your relationship, seeing you calm, she will realize she made a right choice. Second, act as if you were ok with her taking time to think about things. And third, work on seducing her step by step, gradually. Use subtle tactics not to scare her off.

Work on your seduction and put your ego down, since most likely your girlfriend doesn’t feel the same about you as during your initial stage of dating. This happens in every couple, be sure. When you know how to seduce your woman, your problem is solved. So work on making her feel more attracted to you.

So, no panic, and… action!!!

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