Sex and alcohol: mix, but do not stir

adsexdating1. Alcohol loosens and increases libido, and at such times, as you know, very, very difficult to deal with them. So before dating and the start of conversation with a potential partner, will be pleasing to the eye, for you not to actively increase the number of empty glasses. Otherwise, you risk reaching only the toilet in the same bar or getting into trouble. That’s why people before meet in person, use several adult online chat Virginia.

2. Stories about sleeping pills in the young girl’s drinks and slavery are just stories. Today such fiction is rather than reality, but it is better to be safe and, first of all, to stay in shape. This will allow you to monitor what and how you drink.

3. If the object of passion for a short dialogue proved to be quite worthy of your time, and you are already at his home, because you broke the first rule. It is necessary to insist on condom use – because it is easy to forget not only about safety precautions, but also about whom you are and where you are. Contraception in this case is something out of the discharge. Do not forget to put some emergency numbers in your phone. They should be on the default buttons, just in case. And finally, a well-known fact – a relationship that began with alcohol-initiated sex with an unfamiliar man rarely will end serious. Don’t look for love in bars because this idea from the start seems questionable. Look through adult online chat Virginia, if you don’t know where to start your quest.

4. About what excessive dose of alcohol does to men is written in thousands of articles and books. They need to remember about the fact that because of the alcohol they lose erection and peacefully go to sleep leaving their wife or girlfriend unsatisfied. Therefore, a small reminder: don’t treat your man with a whole bottle of wine. Of course everyone has their own individual tolerance of alcohol, and the bed is not the place to experiment with it.

5. First intimacy – a very special moment in the relationship, which is able to strengthen them, to transfer to a new level, or, conversely, to bury. Moreover, the first sex is like a demo of your future sexual relationships, so it’s best to remember that then to work on the mistakes and just do the right conclusions. Some prefer adult online dating Virginia websites. There you can find people that have same dilemma as you do.

6. Alcohol not only causes your hormones like an electric kettle to boil, but the sensation of danger, is turn off completely. Do not play into superheroes, getting on private or protected areas, winning three-meter fences separating you from the coveted midnight promenade in the park, or swimming naked in the moonlight in a strange place. Optimally for a mini-picnic spot located near your home. When the atmosphere and alcohol will act, you will want love and affection, and copulate in a field, like unskilled kids. In fact, to be or not to be, as well as to drink or not to drink it’s your own business. Know your liquor and you will remain a winner in any situation and extract from it the maximum of good feeling. This also applies to sexual-alcoholic mix.

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