Russian bride looking for a Russian speaking foreigner.

Some of the Russian bridesSome of the Russian brides experience great problems in learning English language, that is why they are looking for a man abroad who would know Russian language, because first of all it will ease their communication at the beginning stage of their relation, till the moment when she will learn English properly, and second of all  is because she would love to keep the Russian language and Russian traditions in the family that she will create.

But the matter is that it is difficult to find this kind of man, as eventually it is not a very popular one on that side of the world, that is why this kind of criteria towards the future husband, makes the chances of the Russian equal to zero, in finding her one and only. Also a bad point of such an idea is the fact that this way the woman will totally depend on her man, and that will not help her family life, as well as it will not help her relationship with the husband, who might start using this as his own advantage, and make his wife a sort of prisoner, who will go only to the places allowed by him, and do only the things he will tell her to. That doesn’t look like an American dream for a Russian wife, doesn’t it?

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Another important issue for a woman is the fact that has passed the forty years old age, but is still trying to find a husband abroad, so she is wondering what are her chances. Well eventually our age is the way we feel, so if we feel and act like we are young at heart, than eventually there will be a man who will highly appreciate that. Everything depends on the woman and her behavior if she looks hot, and is able to flirt, than it is simply impossible for her not to find a husband in any place of the world. Not every foreigner is looking for a young wife, as young wife means having a wild and noisy life, and there are people who appreciate peace and harmony much more than having going out, and the second important thing is that they came to a point when they realize they do not want, or cannot have children, that is why finding a nice looking woman who is wise enough in order to speak on various themes, and at the same time looks very good and is taking proper care of him, supports, listens and gives a good advice, what things can a man possibly want more? Some people say that real life starts only when you get forty years old, who knows maybe there really is some logical point in that, it all depends on the way of thinking.

The third important problem that is bothering women is the fact that they cannot make the right choice, and in a lot fo cases they choose the wrong person, and as a result live in a unhappy marriage, that is why they write letters on various forums, and seek help in dealing with their problem. Every person when starting the correspondence on a dating website is eventually communicating with a few people at the same time, but at some point comes the moment when one final person should be chosen for life, and in the majority of cases women suffer for the fact that they made a wrong choice. A good advice in this kind of situation would be to make a certain analysis of all the correspondences, and to try choosing the person not according to the visual image, but according to the soul of the interlocutors, as eventually she will not live her life with a nice picture, but with the person who is supposed to look the same direction with her, and who would be willing to compromise in order to make their family life happy. In every family ij the world, everything depends on the ability of two people to give up, on some things for the sake of each other, and for the sake of their relationship.


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