How to Compliment a Woman

Why some men are better at giving compliments to women than the others? They are just aware of art of complimenting women and use this secret weapon to have success amongst women. Knowing how to say nice things to a woman adds more winning points for you in a love game. Besides this, you will feel much better and more confident making compliments to women in a right way.

First of all recollect when the last time you complimented your wife was. Do you become nervous when you want to say something pleasing and flattering to a woman and don’t know what to start with? The thoughts provided below would help you to make compliments to a woman your best.

Be specific. Telling a woman she looks great is ok, but it is too generic and be sure she has heard this from many men. Pay attention to what exactly makes her beautiful and compliment on this, notice every detail. For instance, “this dress is very becoming to your eyes”, “your sunglasses make looking you glamorous”. Avoid using clichés. Be original in what you say.

Don’t forget her mind! The woman you like is beautiful and this is really great, however, don’t forget to compliment her brain and her personality. Being a stunning woman, she hears compliments on her appearance every day. Complimenting on her personality and mind, you make her feel special noticing these things and finding them important. Women like when their inner world is taken into consideration.

Don’t be sexual! Complimenting woman on certain sexy parts of her body will most likely turn her off from you. If you want to compliment a certain part of her body, choose lips, eyes, cheekbones, etc, but forget about her hips, buttocks, bosom and the like.

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Be sincere! Always be sincere complimenting a woman as insincerity is always felt.

Don’t under or over-do it! Avoid giving compliments in tones and every 10 minutes. By doing so, she will think you need something from her and if you don’t compliment a woman at all or do this rarely; she will think you have no interest in her.

Find the appropriate moment to inject an appropriate compliment in your conversation.

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